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tailored workshops and technical assistance designed to help nonprofits thrive and build successful sustainable organizations.


With over 30 years of nonprofit experience combined, Joli Blount and Bria Gadsden are here to help you build a successful, profitable, and sustainable nonprofit!

Senior Instructor

Joli Blount

Joli works with people who need help with registering your nonprofit organization, structuring your Board of Directors, creating a mission-aligned strategic plan, or developing organizational policies. To reach her, please email: info@impactfcc.org

Senior Instructor

Bria Gadsden

Bria works with people who need help creating effective financial management practices, increasing your donor base, applying for grants and coporate sponsorships, or marketing your nonprofit organization. To reach her, please email: contact@briagadsden.com

Org360 Testimonials:

Here's what people are saying about our workshops!

Establishing Your Nonprofit Masterclass

Billie C.

"Bria and Joli, you all surpassed and exceeded everyone's expectations. You gave, refueled, and gave some more. I was smiling cause folks had their questions ready, spreadsheets, and notebooks out and you gave freely.This is already returned to you. I gained more insight into nonprofits that will help me, not teach clients, but provide more clarity around their purpose and mission. I have looked into this process years ago for one of my projects, them put it on the back burner. Now I too am better equipped should I move in that direction. Again thanks. Salute, and your synergy was magnificent!"

Establishing Your Nonprofit Masterclass

Shavel'le O.

“Thank you so much Bria. I truly enjoyed the master class and it made a few light bulbs go off in my head especially around finances.”

Establishing Your Nonprofit Masterclass


"The webinar was fantastic! It was very engaging and interactive. The presenters were extremely knowledgeable about nonprofit organizations, and I was truly impressed. Great job ladies!"
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